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National Sailing Symposium

First, thanks to www.sailingscuttlebutt.com for posting an article about Team Chance on their front page! We received a lot of positive feedback from individuals and businesses. Our friends at McLaughlin Boatworks suggest we attend the National Sailing Symposium held annually in Clearwater, Fl to spread the word and network with others who are well immersed in the sport. After contacting the symposium we were offered the opportunity to be a presenter on Thursday evening, January 26. We will have a designated time to present Team Chance, meet others involved in the sport, and get feedback and support from others.

We are VERY excited about this opportunity, but we need your help to get there! In order for Team Chance to represent themselves at the symposium we need outside support to cover the cost of airfare, and food expenses for two. If you are able to help, please contact us at info@chancesailing.org. We know this event will help us tremendously and it will be beneficial in getting more kids on the water and having fun!

There is a beautifully crafted re-sail bag generously donated by Ella Vickers for whichever individual or company helps us the most to achieve this goal!

Thank you!

Team Chance


Sound BoatWorks Announces Sponsorship

Team CHANCE is proud to announce it's sponsorship with Sound BoatWorks of Westbrook, CT. Sound BoatWorks brings to the table a long history of support for local Melges 24 sailors and there great customer service will be an asset to the program as we continue to work our way into the season!



Connecticut Community Boating Joins Team Chance

Team CHANCE is proud to announce our partnership with Connecticut Community Boating under the leadership of CCB’s founder, Captain Chris German. Connecticut Community Boating is a non-profit (501C3) out of Bridgeport, CT that shares the same general philosophy of Team Chance; to get more children on the water sailing, having fun, in the easiest way possible. Team Chance, now a subsidiary of Connecticut Community Boating, is able to take tax deductible donations. If you wish to donate to Team Chance, all checks must be made out to Connecticut Community Boating with a side note indicating that it’s meant for Team Chance. All donors will receive a letter of confirmation from Team Chance upon receiving the donation.